Becoming a Figure Skater

Whether you are just starting out in learn to skate and ready for Basic Skills Competitions or already making strides along the United States Figure Skating Pipeline I truly enjoy working with all levels of skaters! I have had students qualify and compete at Regional, Sectional, and National United Figure Skating sanctioned events. Whether your skater in interested in testing their moves in the field tests to become a Gold Medalist or if they rather pursue a competitive track, I am proud to say I coach it all! When appropriate, I often bring in additional coaches as needed. I believe that team coaching with specific instructors leads to continuous progress.

When appropriate I will offer group classes in addition to private lessons. There are also a multitude of off ice classes offered at the Skating Club of Boston that are invaluable to skaters! Everything from Ballet to on ice classes, there is something for everyone! More information on classes can be found here: